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WEBINAR @ Charged Virtual Conference on EV engineering
Veranstaltungsdatum: 20.04.2021
Veranstaltungsort: online

Don't miss our Webinar Process technology solutions for vehicle electrification – from power electronics and electric motors to battery storage systems on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 4:30 pm CET @ Charged Virtual Conference on EV engineering

In this webinar session, bdtronic will highlight a few critical processes commonly used in manufacturing of battery storage systems and power electronics such as dispensing of thermal interface materials, glues and potting compounds and heat staking of thermal plastics. bdtronic will give insights on the most important challenges (thermal management, noise and vibration reduction, electromagnetic shielding, etc.) and how these technologies can help to solve them.

With respect to electric motor manufacturing we will present what is needed to set up a reliable impregnation (trickle varnish) and powder coating process for high-volume H/EV motor production. We will inform about the advantages of trickle impregnation compared to other technologies and show how it can be combined in-line with a powder coating process for the protection of hairpin welding points in a cost-effective way.

Furthermore we will virtually open our doors with a quick tour in one of our assembly plants and give the audience a sneak peek into the future of impregnation equipment with the world’s fastest and biggest impregnation plant, built in series for the premium car platform of a renowned German OEM.

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